The “Ground Zero Mosque” Controversy: What You Need to Know

In light of the recent debate over the proposed construction of a mosque near the Ground Zero site [...]in Manhattan, Kecia Ali and Teena Purohit, College of Arts & Sciences assistant professors of religion, and PhD candidate Cristine Hutchison-Jones (GRS’11) discuss misconceptions about both Islamic and American society. The goal of the discussion, as moderator Stephen Prothero, a CAS religion professor, states, is not to defend or oppose the Park51 project, but to make conversation among the BU community about this project more informed and civil.

Hosted by the College of Arts & Sciences Department of Religion on September 16, 2010.

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Being a muslim, I respect all religions. If i was there, I would ask two interconnected questions:
1. Fear is a generally negative feeling slowing our intellectual development, why do we have to see or feel fear if we know that it affects our current mental situation while we just thinking of future possible fear or result of it?
2. And why what right is should not be done? (meaning legitimate process to build Islamic Community Center). If there is a certain minority not willing it to happen, then if I as a minority would not this meeting happen there, would my will be satisfied?
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