Boston University Dialogues in Biological Anthropology Number 6 – Part 2

Unintelligent Design: The Scars of Human Evolution

Part 2: Panel Discussion
February 14, 2013
This colloquium brings together seven experts on human biology to spotlight the defects and deficiencies of the human body— the clumsy compromises in the framing of our teeth, feet, backs, and birthings that reflect our history as made-over apes. Taking their cue from Wilton Krogman’s 1951 classic paper “The Scars of Human Evolution,” our panelists discuss how and how far the human body fails by the standards of intelligent design.

Moderator: Milford Wolpoff, University of Michigan

Matt Cartmill, Boston University.

Rachel Caspari, Central Michigan University.

Jeremy DeSilva, Boston University.
Karen Rosenberg, University of Delaware.
Bruce Latimer, Case Western Reserve University.
Alan Mann, Princeton University.
Produced by Kaye Brown and Matt Cartmill, Boston University.

Tags: science, Anthropology, human evolution

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