NYT's David Carr on the Future of Journalism

"New York Times" columnist David Carr and Bloomberg Media chairman Andrew Lack discuss how [...]technology is making media more interesting, not less. Carr is the inaugural Andrew R. Lack Professor at Boston University’s College of Communication.

[00:42] The Meaning of the Andrew R. Lack Professorship
[02:38] Impossible Predictions
[05:31] Is This Year’s Model Next Year’s Model?
[10:44] The Seven Most Important Stories in Western Civilization
[12:14] Good Journalism Can Thrive in New Media
[15:35] Is New Media Already Old Media?
[18:04] Is There Too Much Information and Too Little Thought?
[22:42] The Renaissance of the Physical Object
[24:33] David's Nightly Diversions
[27:24] Jobs in Journalism: Yes, It’s Still Hard

Read the full story on BU Today: http://www.bu.edu/today/2014/journalism-is-still-serious-just-different/

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