Perspectives on Cell Phone Searches Incident to Arrest

Editor’s Foreword, 94 B.U. L. Rev. Annex 1 (2014).

Perspective I: Tracey Maclin, Cell Phones, Search Incident to Arrest, and the Supreme Court, 94 B.U. L. Rev. Annex 3 (2014).

Professor Tracey Maclin is the Joseph Lipsitt Faculty Research Scholar and Professor of Law at the Boston University School of Law. Professor Maclin is a leading expert on criminal procedure who has authored law review articles, amicus briefs to the United States Supreme Court, and a book, titled The Supreme Court and the Fourth Amendment’s Exclusionary Rule.

Perspective II: Adam M. Gershowitz, Why Arizona v. Gant Is the Wrong Solution to the Warrantless Cell Phone Search Problem, 94 B.U. L. Rev. Annex 9 (2014).

Professor Adam M. Gershowitz is a Professor of Law at William & Mary Law School. As an expert on criminal law and procedure, Professor Gershowitz is known for his prolific scholarship. He has authored two casebooks on criminal law, as well as a number of law review articles.

Perspective III: George C. Thomas III, Searching Cell Phones Incident to Arrest, 94 B.U. L. Rev. Annex 101 (2014).

Professor George C. Thomas III is the Board of Governors Professor of Law and Judge Alexander P. Waugh, Sr. Distinguished Scholar at Rutgers School of Law—Newark. Professor Thomas is an expert on criminal law and procedure who has authored four scholarly books and more than sixty articles on the topic.

Perspective IV: Jack Zanini, Can Big Brother Search Cell Phones Incident to Arrest?, 94 B.U. L. Rev. Annex 17 (2014).

Jack Zanini is Legal Counsel and Chief of Appeals for the Suffolk County District Attorney, Boston, Massachusetts. With over twenty years of practice in criminal law, Mr. Zanini has argued extensively in front of the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Appeals Court on behalf of the Commonwealth.