Volume 103, Number 4


Articles & Responses

Next-Generation Securitization: NFTs, Tokenization, and the Monetization of “Things”
Steven L. Schwarcz
Page 967

Response: The Intersection of NFTs and Structured Finance
Christopher K. Odinet & Andrea Tosato
Page 1005

Page 1025

Response: What Voting in Long-Term Care Can Teach the Rest of Us
Justin Levitt
Page 1083

Page 1095

Response: Elevating Public Health and Other Long-Term Interests in Government Policymaking
Renée M. Landers
Page 1165

Page 1171

Response: Congressional Meddling in Presidential Elections: Still Unconstitutional After All These Years
Gary S. Lawson & Jack M. Beermann
Page 1189

Page 1201