Volume 102, Number 7



16th Annual Lutie A. Lytle Black Women Law Faculty Workshop


A Taxonomy of Silencing: The Law’s 100-Year Suppression of the Tulsa Race Massacre 
Suzette Malveaux
Page 2173

The Shadow Law of Child Support
Ann Cammett
Page 2237

Brown’s Children’s Rights Jurisprudence and How It Was Lost
Catherine E. Smith
Page 2297

“Keep To the Code”: A Global Code of Conduct for Third-Party Funders
Victoria Shannon Sahani
Page 2331

The Tax-Invisible Labor Problem: Care Work, Kinship, and Income Security Programs in the Internal Revenue Code
Nyamagaga R. Gondwe
Page 2389

Black Women and Voter Suppression
Carla Laroche
Page 2431

Limiting Limited Liability: Requiring More than Mere Subsequence Under Federal Rule of Evidence 407
Cynara Hermes McQuillan
Page 2497