Zoe Albert

School/College: GRS; PhD in Biological Anthropology
Graduation Year: 2027 (Proposed graduation date)
Fulbright Country: Indonesia
Proposed Project Title: Quantifying Health Via the Gut Microbiome of Bornean Orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus)

Zoe Albert is a doctoral student in Biological Anthropology at Boston University. She holds a bachelor’s degree in ecology and evolutionary biology from Tulane University. In addition to this, she has an extensive background in human and animal medicine, working as a CNA, EMT and in veterinary hospitals. She fell in love with the study of primatology while researching white-faced capuchin monkeys in Santa Rosa National Park, Costa Rica. Her dissertation research will delve into the microbiome of wild Bornean Orangutans living in Gunung Palung National Park. She will ask questions about the effects of environment, diet, and sociality on primate health, energetics, and wellbeing. She hopes that her work can highlight the importance of science communication, conservation, and advocacy for wild animals and the people who live near them.