Sabrina Huang

School: CAS/WCEHD ’20
Program: History/Social Studies Education
Fulbright Country: Taiwan
Project Title: Fulbright ETA

Sabrina is a BU alumna committed to promoting equal access to quality education. Her pursuit of dual degrees in History and Social Studies Education, along with many experiences outside of the classroom, have confirmed that education is a catalyst to social and economic mobility. As a researcher in Boston University’s Ecology of School Readiness Lab, Sabrina investigated the use of mental state language in preschool classroom conversations and how literacy and development can be improved at an early age. She has served as both an AmeriCorps member and Team Leader for Jumpstart, and completed her student teaching pre-practicum and practicum experiences in a 11th grade AP United States History classroom and 7th grade ancient world history classroom respectively. Sabrina has also virtually interned with the U.S. Embassy Libya External Office (currently in Tunisia), U.S. Embassy in Beijing, and the Foreign Service Institute. A Fulbright experience in Taiwan will enhance her interests in education, diplomacy, and love for sharing about American life and culture.