Mishonne Marks

School/college: Wheelock ’23
Program: EdM in Deaf Education
Fulbright Country: Malawi
Project Title: English Teaching Assistant Award

Mishonne Marks is a 2023 graduate of the Deaf Education Master’s program in Boston University Wheelock college. Mishonne became passionate about language acquisition upon meeting members of the Deaf community and learning American Sign Language. Through research and teaching experience, Mishonne has seen the incredible impact language has in education. Many deaf children in America experience language deprivation which causes significant gaps and delays in learning. Although the United States has much room to improve in the deaf education system, many developing countries lack education opportunities for deaf children and children with disabilities. Malawi has relatively recently established two deaf schools in the country with which exchanging teaching pedagogies and research would offer a rich opportunity for growth and collaboration. Seeing how schools operate in a different country offers invaluable insight and information. The Fulbright Program offers the chance to connect with other countries in a unique teaching and cultural experience. Mishonne hopes to use the Fulbright experience as a foundation for establishing relationships with international teaching organizations and as a gateway into her dreams of working in non-profit international deaf education.