Lu Lingzi Scholarship Winner Profiles


Han Chen

School of Study: Wheelock College of Education & Human Development

Program of Study: Ed.M. in Counseling

Han is pursuing her Master of Education (EdM) in Counseling at BU’s Wheelock College of Education & Human Development. Her primary research area focuses on child and adolescent mental health. Personal experiences with family members and mental health struggles in her hometown of Wuhan China, and the lack of access and resources has influenced Han’s academic and professional pursuits. She hopes to return to China to work on improving the mental stigma and education around mental health challenges and struggles.


Luyi Chen

Luyi ChenSchool of Study: Sargent College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences

Program of Study: M.S. in Nutrition

Luyi is a double terrier, having completed her undergraduate degree at BU’s Sargent College, she will be continuing her journey as a double terrier by completing her M.S. in Nutrition program at Sargent College. Luyi is a first generation student who is originally from Wenzhou China who has an incredibly profound passion for food and nutrition, and how it can impact one’s health. She aspires to complete her M.S. degree and eventually work as a registered dietitian, and plans to explore her passions through her graduate program and volunteer opportunities. 


Bilin Lin

School of Study: College of Communication

Program of Study: Journalism

Bilin Lin is a proud graduate of Temple University (Class of 2018), where she received a Bachelor of Arts Cum Laude in Communication Studies. She is incredibly passionate about social justice. During her past time interning for several organizations, including Xinhua News Agency and Philadelphia Police Department, she learned a great deal about severe issues that lie in today’s society that need to be spoken and raised awareness of. On this account, she decided to pursue a study in Journalism, focusing on social justice & investigative reporting to deliver her voices and make a difference. The Lu Lingzi award has aided her financially to pursue a Master’s degree at BU and provided her flexibility to explore more opportunities and resources to volunteer and work. She loves to travel and take photographs in her free time, and she is a huge country music fan.