Kimber Chewning

Image Caption: Installation View, Helga Paris, Frauen im Bekleidugswerk VEB Treffmobile Berlin, 1984. Taken by Kimber Chewning.

School and Graduation Year: GRS ’24
Program: PhD in Art History
Fulbright Country: Germany
Project Title: Facing Niemandsland: the Photographic Subjects of Divided Berlin

Kimber Chewning is a PhD Candidate in Art History at Boston University. Her dissertation focuses on  long-term photographic projects made by documentary photographers in East and West Berlin during the 1970s and 80s. Her research sheds light on the understudied  photographic culture of a late divided Berlin. The project is deeply invested in photographic portraiture and its relationship to the public sphere. Through the works of these photographers, she interrogates the evolving political, ideological, and social realities of divided Berlin’s last two decades.

As a Fulbright fellow, she will be associated with The Seminar for Culture and Media Management at Freie Universität Berlin, and will conduct research in Berlin’s numerous archives, speaking with photographers and those who fostered their work, and experiencing Berlin’s urban environment.