Jennifer Eliezer

School: WCEHD ’18, COM ’14
Program: Master of Education in teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Fulbright Country: Costa Rica
Project Title: English Teaching Assistant

Jennifer will enter her Fulbright ETA experience with a defining focus: teach English in a way that honors the learner’s native tongue and culture and empowers the student to gain a better understanding of the world and who they are in it. She hopes to teach Costa Rican students using the Culturally Relevant Pedagogy, welcoming real life into the classroom and encouraging the classroom in real life. Through the Fulbright ETA award, she’ll apply her ambassadorial qualities to engage her students in local issues while sharing her own experiences, comparing and contrasting current events in both countries. In sharing perspectives and examining differences, Jennifer hopes she can facilitate cultural exchange, ultimately leading to a better understanding of each other.