Anya Gellerman

School/college: CFA ’22
Program: BFA in Sculpture, Special Education minor
Fulbright Country: Spain
Project Title: English Teaching Assistant Award

Anya Gellerman graduated from Boston University with a BFA in Sculpture and a minor in special education. With a lifelong passion for working with children of all ages, she is excited at the prospect of teaching Spanish children the English language and sharing her experiences as a Russian American born and raised in the United States. Her goal is to help students find their voices, encourage their growth, and watch them flourish in all aspects of life. Working as an ETA in Spain would further her abilities to connect with children from varying backgrounds as well as expose her to the diverse teaching styles that exist outside of the U.S. Anya also hopes to engage in the soccer culture and explore the outdoors as a means to connect with the local community!