Angeli Rodriguez

School: COM ’19
Major: Bachelor of Science in Communication
Minor: Business Administration and Management
Fulbright Country: Spain
Project Title: Bridging an International Communication Gap

Angeli applied to Fulbright to develop an internationally robust marketing skill set that will allow her to encourage greater social consciousness among her fellow citizens of the world. Her first-generation Cuban American heritage helped her develop an appreciation for both education and diversity, and she will use her Fulbright to pursue a Master’s of Management at the IE Business School in Madrid, a world-renown international graduate school. By engaging in education with students of all nationalities, Angeli intends to learn from both her professors and her peers while contributing to the school’s global classrooms with her own insights and individuality. In Spain, she also plans to engage with global marketing companies to acquire numerous marketing perspectives, which she can then bring to an industry that is greatly lacking diversity.