BUCLD 39 Online Proceedings Supplement

Edited by Elizabeth Grillo, Kyle Jepson, and Maria LaMendola
June 2015

Implicit Alternatives Insufficient for Children’s Implicatures with some
Athulya Aravind and Jill de Villiers

How Do Children Parse Naturalistic Input? A New Methodology
Sudha Arunachalam

The Linguistic and the Learner Default May Converge in Some Null-Subject Languages
Mailalen Iraola Azpiroz

The Role of Function Words and Prosody for Phrasal Parsing in Preverbal Infants
Mireille Babineau, Rushen Shi, and Andréane Melançon

Raising over an Experiencer in English L2 Acquisition
Jinsun Choe

Morphosyntactic Illusions in Down Syndrome: The Role of Phonetics and Phonology
Christiana Christodoulou

The Processing of Pronouns and the Production of Referring Expressions in L2 English
Carla Contemori and Paola E. Dussias

The Emerging Gesture-Speech Relationship in Preschoolers Who Do and Do Not Stutter
Laiah Factor, Lisa Gershkoff-Stowe, and Julie D. Anderson

Person and Number Asymmetries in Child Comprehension of Spanish Agreement and Object Clitics
Hannah Forsythe

The Acquisition of Co-referential Properties of Pronouns in Bilingual and L2 Spanish Speakers
Estela García-Alcaraz & Aurora Bel

Regularization or Probability-Matching? Acquisition of Inconsistent Gender Marking in Fering-Speaking Children
Alison Eisel Hendricks, Karen L. Miller, and Carrie N. Jackson

Quantifying the Relationship Between Infants’ Haptic and Visual Response to Word-Object Pairings
Kristi Hendrickson and Margaret Friend

Extending Ellipsis Research: The Acquisition of Sluicing in Dutch
Charlotte Lindenbergh, Angeliek van Hout, and Bart Hollebrandse

Are Second Language Learners Just as Good at Verb Morphology as First Language Learners?
Alexandra Marquis and Phaedra Royle

2-Year-Olds’ Comprehension of Personal Pronouns 
Morgan Moyer, Kaitlyn Harrigan, Valentine Hacquard, Jeffrey Lidz 

The Interpretation of Japanese Pronouns by L1 English and L1 Spanish Speakers
Tokiko Okuma

L2 Acquisition of Turkish Vowel Harmony and Knowledge of the Universal ‘No Crossing’ Constraint
Öner Özçelik and Rex A. Sprouse

Why are Infants Precocious Language Learners? Implications for Adult Second-Language Learning
Carolyn Quam, Andrew Lotto, Kimberly Golisch, Celeste Gallegos, and Lou Ann Gerken

Challenging the “Linguistic Incompetency Hypothesis”: Language Competency Predicts Code-Switching
W. Quin Yow and Ferninda Patrycia

The Acquisition of Nominal and Verbal Inflectional Morphology: Evidence from Basque Ergativity in Adult L2 Speakers
Itxaso Rodríguez-Ordóñez

Overgeneration of Indefinite Articles in Autism and SLI
Jeannette Schaeffer, Merel van Witteloostuijn, and Doatske de Haan

Perceptual Attrition of Lexical Tone among L1 Yoruba-speaking Children in Canada
Saliu Shittu and Anne-Michelle Tessier

Wh‐islands in Child Japanese Revisited
Koji Sugisaki and Keiko Murasugi