BUCLD 37 Online Proceedings Supplement

Edited by Sarah Baiz, Nora Goldman, and Rachel Hawkes
April 2013

Does multilingualism confer an advantage for pragmatic abilities?
Kyriakos Antoniou, Kleanthes Grohmann, Maria Kambanaros, and Napoleon Katsos

Verb learning in non-social contexts
Sudha Arunachalam and Leah Sheline

Seven-month-olds’ Discrimination of Statements and Questions
Susan Geffen and Toben Mintz

Learning to Count Spatially: The Acquisition of Plurality in ASL Verbs of Location
Frances Conlin-Luippold and Robert Hoffmeister

Direct and Indirect Effects of Morphological Awareness on Reading Comprehension for Adolescent Spanish-English Emergent Bilinguals
Rebecca Curinga

Constraints on Non-Adjacent Dependency_Learning: Distance Matters (An Artificial Grammar Learning Study with Adults)
Ileana grama, Frank Wijnen, and Annemarie Kerkhoff

Quantifying the Relationship Between Infants’ Haptic and Visual Response to Word-Object Pairings
Kristi Hendrickson and Margaret Friend

Cultural Differences in Narratives and Reading Achievement in African American Children
Vrinda kalia, Makeba Parramore Wilbourn, and Carlene Mitchelle

Representations of Goals & Sources in Causal Motion Events Over Development
Laura Lakusta, Paul Muentener, Lauren Petrillo, Noelle Mullanphy, Lauren Muniz, and Ivonne Mejia

On the production of passives in Italian: evidence from an elicited production task and a syntactic priming study with preschool children
Claudia Manetti

Syntactic ambiguity resolution in L2 parsing: effects of prosodic boundaries and constituent length
Lydia White, Heather Goad, Daniel Goodhue, Hyehyung Hwang, and Moti Lieberman

Lexical Alternatives Improve 5-year-olds’ Ability to Compute Scalar Implicatures
Dimitrios Skordos and Anna Papafragou