Organizing Committee

Ying Gong

“Hi! My name is Ying Gong. This year, I am the Co-organizer for BUCLD 46. I am a third-year Ph.D. student in linguistics at Boston University. My research interests center on formal semantics and syntax. My hobbies include snowboarding and yoga, but I’ve learned how to bake last year, and now I’m in love with baking.”

Felix Kpogo

“Hi everyone! I am Felix Kpogo, a Co-Organizer for BUCLD 46. I am an upcoming 4th-year PhD student in Linguistics at Boston University. I am generally interested in phonological development, sociolinguistic variation, and acquisition of variable phenomena in the linguistic input of multilingual populations in Ghana. I love hiking, doing choral music, and watching soccer during my leisure time.”

Neshat Darvishi
Finance Chair

“I am Neshat Darvishi, a graduate student in Linguistics. I am mainly interested in Language Development and Acquisition. One of my toxic traits is spending almost an hour looking for a new show to watch and ending up watching FRIENDS in the end! smh.”

Michael Fang
Platform Chair

“Hi! My name is Michael and I’m a master’s student in Linguistics. I am interested in phonetics and second language development. I’m also fascinated with historical sounds of different languages and I like to look up how to pronounce old poems.”

Dehbia Gaoua
Sponsorship Chair

“Hi all! My name is Dehbia (Dalila) , and I am the new Sponsorship Chair of BUCLD 46. I am a second-year Ph.D. student in linguistics at Boston University. My research interests include phonetics, phonology, speech and language development, neurophonology, phonological acquisition in bilinguals and multilinguals, and the documentation of the phonetics and phonology of understudied and undocumented languages mainly Tamazight /tæmæziɣθ/ languages. My hobbies include practicing sports of almost all kinds, nature painting, reading, and healthy cooking and baking.”

Paris Gappmayr
Volunteer Chair

“I am a second-year PhD student in Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences studying ASL acquisition. I am interested in exploring modality-specific vs. modality-general properties of language and alternate pathways to reading. I initially studied adventure tourism at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC, before transferring to UBC Vancouver to study linguistics and psychology. I am an avid reader, yogi, biker, climber, and skier/snowboarder. I am also excited to join the BUCLD 46 team as Volunteer Chair and looks forward to working with everyone!”

Jackson Wyatt Kellogg
Registration Chair

“I’m a second-year Linguistics PhD student at Boston University, with research interests in acquisition and phonetic drift.  I previously earned a Linguistics MA from ASU, and my thesis title was “A Rhythmic Analysis of Scottish Gaelic Using Durational Metrics”.  Aside from linguistics I also enjoy creative writing, and won an Honorable Mention prize from the 58th Annual Glendon and Kathryn Swarthout Awards at ASU for a rhyming balladic novel.”

Ka Chun “Chris” Lee
Tech Chair

“ha⁵⁵ loʊ³⁵ this is Chris! I am from Hong Kong and speak Cantonese natively. This is my third year in BU, and I am interested in language prosody and language contact, variation and change in general. I am always fascinated by the musicality of language. I love singing in a choir, and I used to conduct a few choirs in Hong Kong!”

Kevin Samejon
Marketing Chair

“Hi! I am Kevin, a PhD student in linguistics at BU, and a returning marketing and social media chair for this year’s BUCLD. I am interested in phonetics, phonology, language acquisition, and Austronesian languages. Semantics also fascinates me. When I am not doing school-related assignments, I hang out with friends and family, go for (long) walks, and hang on my pull-up bar.”

Alana Smith
Interpreter Liaison Chair

“I was born and raised in Riverside, California, and I attended California School for the Deaf, Riverside for 15 years until I graduated high school. Then, I enrolled in Rochester Institute of Technology in New York for my undergraduate to study Deaf Education, and I continued that same field into masters at Boston University. I am currently a teacher to 3 years old, and I fell in love with teaching.”