Organizing Committee

Paris Gappmayr

I’m a third year PhD student in Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences studying ASL acquisition. I’m interested in bimodal bilingualism and modality-specific vs. modality-general properties of language. In addition to English, I am a heritage speaker of German, have studied French and Spanish, and am currently learning ASL.

Jackson Kellogg

“Hello! My name is Jackson and I’m a third-year PhD student in Linguistics at BU. I’m interested in acoustic and auditory phonetics, first- and second-language acquisition, and prosody. I speak L1 English and L2 Spanish, and I’ve studied Arabic and ASL and done some research in Kabyle Berber, Minangkabau, Scottish Gaelic, and Tagalog. I also love to write fantasy books and SCUBA dive, and I’m looking forward to a great BUCLD!”

Hayat AlThagafi
Finance & Travel Chair

“I am a first-year PhD student in the Linguistics Program at Boston University. I am from a city in the southwest of Saudi Arabia called Taif, in Makkah Province. My research interests are in phonetics, phonology, syntax, natural language processing, language documentation, historical, comparative and computational linguistics. Besides Arabic, which is my native language, I know Russian, Persian, Spanish, some Latin and -obviously- English. I have also done some academic research on Old Irish, Tagalog, Haitian Creole, Chuvash and Cantonese. My interests outside of linguistics are in history and fiction writing.”

Dalila Gaoua
Hospitality Chair

“My name is Dalila and I am a rising third-year PhD student (2020 cohort) in the Linguistics program at Boston University.
Research interests: phonetics, phonology, neurophonology, language documentation ( phonetics and phonology), Bi-/Multilingualism, Mind, and Brain. I speak Kabyle-Tamazight (falls under Berber language family), Arabic, French and English. Currently, I am trying to improve my Spanish. “

Liza Sulkin
Tech Chair 1

“Hi everyone! My name is Liza (Lee-za, [li.zə], Лиза) and I’m a second year PhD student at BU Linguistics. My interests include phonetics and phonology (especially for Slavic languages), computational linguistics and conlanging.  I speak English, Russian and some French, and I’m currently passionate about learning ASL and Southern Hokkaido Ainu.”

    Neil Ray
    Tech Chair 2

    I am currently a second year MA student due to complete my program at the end of the Fall 2022 semester. My research interests include semantics and pragmatics, discourse analysis and the use of metaphor.  These interest topics are highly relevant and seldom investigated in the context of sign languages. I am fluent in Auslan (Australian Sign Language), ASL with knowledge of several other sign languages.”

    Berenger Garnica
    Registration Chair

    “I’m Berenger Garnica, a second-year MA student focusing on language documentation, field linguistics, and revitalization. In addition to English I also speak Spanish and French.”

    Diana Lopera Perez
    Volunteer Chair

    “I’m Diana Lopera, a 5th year PhD Student in Developmental Sciences, specifically in the Brain & Early Experiences lab. My research focuses on how parent language use can contribute to their children developing the skills that they to succeed in school. As for languages that I know other than English, I’m from Colombia, so my native language is Spanish. I also studied French for long enough that I was considered proficient, but that was a long time ago now!”

    Jupitara Ray
    Sponsorship & Marketing Chair

    “I’m a rising third year PhD student interested in the P-side of linguistics, sociolinguistic variation, and acquisition and attrition in diasporic communities. I can speak four Indo Aryan languages (Koch Rajbongshi, Assamese, Hindi and Bengali) along with a little Japanese, and I’m trying to get back to learning French.”

    Ruth Ferster
    Interpreter Liaison Chair

    Hello! I am thrilled to be your Interpreter Liaison for the 47th BUCLD! Allow me to briefly introduce myself. My name is Ruth Ferster and I am a second-year graduate student in Deaf Education. My research interest includes how deaf children acquire different modalities of language like signed or spoken during their childhood. I currently work as a Research Assistant for Lex Lab and LAVA Lab here at BU. Check them out! I know American Sign Language (ASL) and English. I am interested in learning other sign languages from other countries!