"Those who know the letters see double [as much as those who don't];" Pythagoras.

After a hiatus following the Spring 2016 issue, BSJ is being relaunched in the 2021-2022 academic year with a specific focus on academic and social questions of secularism. To the knowledge of the editors, this will be the only student-led academic forum for the discussion of secularism in the United States.

The journal in its new incarnation will feature interviews and articles by and about students; reprints (or translations) of texts relevant to the study or understanding of secularism; first-time appearances of short-form works such as research briefs and forum-style works of opinion or exchanges of views; long-form research, in whatsoever academic discipline; and works of creative expression. The work of student contributors will stand side by side with select contributions from non-student authors invited to appear in our pages.

NB: Contributors and staff members need not themselves subscribe to a "secular" worldview; The Brownstone is a forum for the academic exploration of the topic of secularism, broadly construed; it is not an advocacy vehicle. The opinions expressed by contributors are not those of the publication or its staff.

To learn how to become a staff member, contributor, or subscriber, contact Editor Austin Cozzone by email via

The Brownstone Journal has been a student-led publication since 1983, highlighting undergraduate scholarship and research at Boston University in each of five distinct periods of editorial activity over that time. The fellows and staff of the BU BookLab are engaged in the work of making that archive of approximately twenty issues available online. To learn more about this process, or to request electronic copies of archived issue contents, please email

This page updated in September 2021.