A Robot on a Mission

See how an autonomous robot created a shockabsorbing shape no human ever couldand what it means for designing safer helmets, packaging, car bumpers, and more

Photo of deep space with galaxies and stars visible. Text overlay in blue and black reads "Explain This!"

Explain This! How Do Planets Form?

In this episode of The Brink’s podcast, we take a trip into space and our solar system with BU astrophysicist Catherine Espaillat, who teaches us about protoplanetary disks, baby stars, and planets

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Photo: A picture of a man in a police uniform walking through a field that has a tent. There is a glitch overlay over the image
Expert Take

Should People Be Fined for Sleeping Outside?

As the US Supreme Court hears a historic case, Grants Pass v. Johnson, on criminalizing people sleeping outside, BU social scientists say there are better ways to prevent and end homelessness

Photo: Closeup of code text reflecting off the glasses of someone looking at a computer screen

Can the Bias in Algorithms Help Us See Our Own?

New research by Questrom’s Carey Morewedge shows that people recognize more of their biases in algorithms’ decisions than they do in their own—even when those decisions are the same

Photo: A picture of a man posing in front of an open door. He is wearing a button down shirt

Do Immigrants and Immigration Help the Economy?

With immigration dominating politics and voter concerns, BU economist’s research shows immigration boosts local wages and that having neighbors of foreign descent can reduce prejudice

Photo: The alcohol aisle in a supermarket, with blue and black text overlay reading "Explain This!"
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Do Alcohol Ads Promote Underage Drinking?

In this episode of The Brink’s podcast, BU public health researcher David Jernigan breaks down “predatory” alcohol marketing and how drinking can damage our health

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