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Week of 7 January 2000

Vol. III, No. 18

Feature Article

1980 "Miracle on Ice" named Greatest Sports Moment of the Century

Miracle on Ice

Mike Eruzione (SED'77) (left) is mobbed by U.S. teammates Jack O'Callahan (CAS'79), Jim Craig (SED'79), and Dave Silk (CAS'80, GSM'93) (right) after he scored the decisive goal against the USSR in the 1980 Winter Olympics. Photo courtesy of Associated Press

By Brian Fitzgerald

It happened almost 20 years ago, but to many hockey fans it seems like yesterday. In February 1980 the U.S. Olympic hockey team pulled off one of the greatest upsets of all time when it defeated Russia, a team that had been unbeaten in Olympic competition since 1968, and then triumphed over Finland to capture the gold medal at Lake Placid, NY. The winning goal against Russia was scored by Mike Eruzione (SED'77), now director of development for Boston University athletics.

The Olympians, including Eruzione, Jack O'Callahan (CAS'79), Dave Silk (CAS'80, GSM'93), and Jim Craig (SED'79) were honored on CBS last month when the 1980 "Miracle on Ice" was chosen by Sports Illustrated as the Greatest Sports Moment of the Century. "It was mind-boggling," says Eruzione. "They were also honoring the greatest athletes of the century, so here were legends such as Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretsky, Jim Brown, John Elway, and Joe Montana applauding us."