An Eccentric Egocentric Model of Control of Locomotion on Foot

Simon Rushton

Cambridge Basic Research,
Nissan Research & Development, Inc.,
Cambridge, MA

What visual information do you use when you wish to walk directly to a target rather than in a different direction?  Recent experimental data suggests it is the perceived egocentric direction of target, derived through use of gaze direction (Rushton et al, 1998, Current Biology). This finding challenges the major assumption that has underpinned the computational modelling, psychophysics, neurophysiology and imaging work on optic flow.  I will describe the original locomotion finding and review recent replications, extensions and critiques.  Data newly collected at CBR will be presented along with a theoretically sufficient model of locomotion, the eccentric egocentric model.  I argue that locomotion should now be placed alongside other actions such as reaching that share the use of egocentric direction information.

The lecture will take place:

in the Lecture Hall, Room 203, 44 Cummington St.
on Monday, November 22, 1999
at 1:00 pm