Second Sunday Reading Series

Please join Erbaluce for its Second Sunday Reading Series in the upstairs dining room of Bay Village restaurant Erbaluce. On the second Sunday of each month a new play by a local playwright is read, using actors from the local theatre community. The excellent (and FREE) hors d’oeuvres offered by Chef Charles Draghi are reason enough to be there, but these plays are still in flux and their talented playwrights welcome your smart feedback on what you’ve heard!

The next event is on November 11 at 7 p.m.:

Two Below Zero
by MJ Halberstadt

Attempting to put an uncomfortable history behind her, Cali retreats to an igloo in Marie Byrd Land, the unclaimed wedge of Antarctica, and devotes herself to a mysterious research project. Cali’s bubble is burst when her sister Zara inexplicably swims to the ice, begging her to return. Their argument (literally) snowballs as they unearth more and more layers of their relationship. Featuring Gigi Watson and Lizzie Milanovich.


November 11, 2018Upcoming


Erbaluce 69 Church Street Boston, MA 02116