Black Box Fellowships

Boston Playwrights’ Theatre serves the community and area playwrights by offering low-cost space in which to produce and workshop new plays. Each year nearly a dozen producers are granted a Black Box Fellowship to work in one of our black box spaces (the Odyssey and Walcott stages) at minimal cost (see Letter of Agreement & Marketing for more details).

How it works

Applications open in October. Fill out the application and submit by March 15 for the following season’s productions or workshop dates.

Apply here

Boston Playwrights’ Theatre
Attn: Black Box Fellowship
949 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215


You will be contacted via email or phone by Artistic Director Kate Snodgrass regarding the availability of space.

A word on the selection process: Our goal is to facilitate the development and production of new plays. We look first at calendar availability and second to the producer’s statement as to how the play will be produced. Our spaces are in production nearly all year long, so some applicants cannot be accepted due to scheduling. We encourage you to apply again!

Mid-year applications (especially for smaller events) are reviewed year-round.