Standards of Learning

Massachusetts English Language Arts Curriculum Framework

Language Strand

Standard 5: Structure and Origins of Modern English
Standard 6: Formal and Informal English

Reading and Literature Strand

Standard 8: Understanding a Text
Standard 10: Genre
Standard 11: Theme
Standard 15: Style and Language
Standard 17: Dramatic Literature
Standard 18: Dramatic Reading and Performance

Composition Strand

Standard 19: Writing
Standard 20: Consideration of Audience and Purpose
Standard 21: Revising
Standard 22: Standard English Conventions
Standard 23: Organizing Ideas in Writing
Standard 25: Evaluating Writing and Presentations

Massachusetts Arts Curriculum Framework

Theatre Strand

Standard 2: Reading and Writing Scripts
Standard 5: Critical Response

Connections Strand

Standard 6: Purposes and Meanings in the Arts
Standard 10: Interdisciplinary Connections