Production Photos

New Noises: Massachusetts Young Playwrights’ Project
Supported by the Boston University Center for the Humanities

Left to right:

1. Alex Morgan and Sam Tilles
Untitled by Jake Roth, Rivers School

2. Ed Hoopman and Georgia Lyman
Taste This by Chloe Kounadis, Framingham High School

3. Heather Houston and Amanda Collins
Fandon! Secrets by Charlotte Cohn, Lexington High School

4. Jess Moss and Will Fancher
Resistance by Derek Butterton, Newton North High School

5. Liz Hayes and Alexander Joseph
How the Cookie Crumbles by Jenna Delaney, Malden High School

6. Jacob Strautmann and Heather Houston
Descriptions by Alessandra Haley, Weston High School

7. Tim Spears
Pride by Sophia Martins, Walnut Hill School for the Arts

8. Jessica Webb, Ed Hoopman, and Steven Barkhimer
Angels in the Glass by Ester Binstock, Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School