Our nationally recognized MFA program—founded by Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott in 1981—offers a three-year MFA in Playwriting that combines the best of our legacy with an exciting collaboration with Boston University’s award-winning College of Fine Arts School of Theatre. Our playwriting students’ voices are encouraged, nurtured, and challenged, and we have a profound and positive impact on their artistry by incorporating them into a vibrant community of artists.

Our playwrights’ MFA experiences are founded in the best of two points of view: a scholarly outlook allowing for a background in theatre history and drama, and a love of collaboration. Playwrights needn’t work alone. Collaborations with actors and directors and designers are at the heart of our degree program. We begin with the playwright and add collaborators into the mix as the plays grow. We foster a creative process that celebrates all the theatre artists involved in the making of a play.

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