Boston Theater Marathon XIX

Voices of BTM XIX: Charlotte Meehan

Tell us a little bit about your play. I am writing a series of This is Marriage plays: snapshots of married life in middle age where family, health, and mortality issues are addressed head-on, irreverently, and with great love. Every scene wants to elicit a simultaneous laugh-out-loud and cry-your-head-off experience of identification for anyone who’s […]

Voices of BTM XIX: Brent Askari

Tell us a little bit about your play. Protecting The Innocent concerns two parents, Laura and Derrick, trying to prepare “Santa’s visit” the night before Christmas. They’re terrified that their daughter will come down and discover the truth about Santa Claus—and Derrick is willing to go to extraordinary lengths to prevent that discovery.

Voices of BTM XIX: Jeni Mahoney

Tell us a little bit about your play. Well, the title of the play is Diversity and Inclusion: (A Report for Mrs. Abernathy’s 5th Grade Class), which is actually a pretty accurate description of the play—or at least of what the characters (the students presenting the report) hope the play will be. The question is: […]

Plays and playwrights of BTM XIX

Here is the official list of playwrights and plays selected for Boston Theater Marathon XIX on Sunday, May 14—mark your calendar! Protecting the Innocent by Brent Askari A Normal Story by Beirut Balutis Emily Again by Mina Bloom & Leland Frankel Spark by Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich Swimming to Shore by Josh Brassard Just One of Those […]