Voices of BTM XXVI: John Manderino

What made you want to tell this story?
I admired my older sister and her husband for the way they always somehow managed to cope with whatever life threw at them. I thought that if this ever happened to them, if Tom were to become a werewolf, here is the way they would probably deal with it.

Who (or what) inspires you as a writer?
I think reading Chekhov’s short stories helps me more than anything. His writing is very direct and unadorned; he’s not interested in anything except getting at the truth.

What interests you about the ten-minute format?
It’s a healthy challenge. It forces you to move in, without a lot of footwork, straight to the conflict, to get in and get out, no opportunity for showiness.

Have you ever been in the BTM before?
I haven’t, and it’s been a good experience. I benefited a lot from the back-and-forth messages with the director Gia Yarn, who knows her stuff.

What’s next for you as a playwright?
I would like to find a theater interested in doing the entire evening-worth of “monster” pieces, titled Monstrous Love, which I think is a good dark funny set.


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