Voices of BTM XXVI: Jayne Hannah

Tell us a little about your play.
What happens when a compulsive liar doesn’t realize that their addiction is lying? Miriam is emotionally lost, and spirals from one place to the next in a desperate need to better her life. In just wanting comfort, a set of actions and responses, creates a very messy conclusion.

What made you want to tell this story?
It began with the final bizarre image, of two people and cake, and I wanted to work out, how on earth did they get to that place?

Who (or what) inspires you as a writer?
People, and our incredible spirit to succeed and the sadness of spirit when we cannot. I love contemporary writers who make us ask, what would I do, and have you laugh and cry in one play.

Have you ever been in the BTM before?
I am fortunate that this is my sixth time. I love the chance to work with different theater companies. To watch and see how people work, and to notice the trends in theater, and the strong stories which stand out.

What’s next for you as a playwright? Shameless plugs, please!
I’m looking for an agent. I have so many plays written, and begging to be written, that deserve an opportunity.


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