Plays and playwrights of BTM XXV

Al Pals by Allison Fradkin

At the Door by Hannah Baker

Bee, Plus One by Jamie Lin

Birders Flock to Kentucky by Cassie M. Seinuk

Bookshop by Dallas Coggins-Tuttle

Brown & Boozy by Terrence Kidd

Carnifex by Aidan Scully

Divine Cardboard by Gabriela Sanders

Family Business by Tegan Garon

Fast Times by David Susman

Gone Nuts by Lucas Hasten

Greenland by Christine Noah

Harrison by Cam Torres

Jimmy’s Rib by Jay Eddy

Letting Go by Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro

Little Wooden Head by Matthew Woods

Loose Ends by Arianne Horan

Love in a Time of Nothing by Jayne Hannah

Magpies in the Sky by Bill Lattanzi

Mahsa’s Last Song by Isabelle Sanatdar Stevens

Martinis and Madness by Robert Pushkar

Masks by Brian Arundel

Meltdown by Susan Lumenello

Mystery Man by George Sauer

Now You See Me by Natalie Weinberg

Opaque Couché by Courtney O’Connor

Options by Dave McCaleb

Pauligarchy by Wyatt Seder-Burnaford

Pretty Things by Summer Hart

Reverse the Curse 2004 by Erika L. Reinfeld

Sarah’s Closet by Meagan Fratiello

Seven-At-Eleven by Makena Tingle

Sharks and Minnows by Bianca Vranceanu

Soulmate by Deirdre Girard

Take Me Home by Christopher Lockheardt

The Annoying of Europa by Ken Green

The Bench by Tim Lehnert

The Dougyssey by Brian Rust

The Great Disappointment (Part 1) by Patrick Gabridge

The Hour Between Dog and Wolf by Hortense Gerardo

The Lost Profession of Dr. Magister by Jeanne Beckwith

The Right Whale by Michael Towers

The Space Between Us by Julie-Anne Whitney

There Goes the Neighborhood by Fabiola R. Decius

This is It by Jack Neary

Three Seats by Kevin Cirone

Tommy and Mary Spell Canajoharie by John Minigan

Wasteland by Kate Snodgrass

Who’s There? by Sari Boren