At Boston Playwrights’ Theatre, we believe that collaborations power new work. As 2023 draws to a close, we are celebrating the dynamic artistic partnerships in our new play development programs this year! Every playwright—whether a high school student or a seasoned pro—benefits from the special alchemy of a good collab. And when you donate to BPT, you become a critical partner in co-creating new stories, new worlds, and new possibilities.

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Courtney Elkin Mohler recently directed the developmental workshop of MFA alumna Abbey Fenbert’s new time-bending, patriarchy-smashing play Kill the Magistrate.

Abbey: “I feel so energized by this experience. Collaborating with such a talented group of artists made me reflect on the joys and privileges of making theater. Courtney, Megan and our cast walked into the woods without hesitation, ready to meet this world on its terms. I’m grateful for that understanding and accompanying vision—as far as murder heist conspirators go, I couldn’t ask for better. This is the kind of experience I wish every writer got to have.”

Courtney: “Working at BPT on Kill the Magistrate once again proved that the most alive, charged and awake I can feel happens in the theatre. BPT brought six exceptional actors, our intrepid playwright and myself together to delve into Abbey’s magical, specific, and thorny play world. We had time to read, reflect on, and discuss the complex themes and rules of Abbey’s story. We were able to discover new insights into her characters, and refine the action of the play. And I had a whole week of being grateful and mindful of my own good fortune to be a director.”

Alumnus Michael Towers teaches theater at Westford Academy, where his students take part in our Massachusetts Young Playwrights’ Project every year. He’s also an MYPP playwriting mentor at other schools. Madison Kay, Mike’s student, had her play When a Bee Stings performed as part of the 2023 MYPP festival at BPT. 

Mike: “When I announced that Madison’s ten-minute play was selected for production with the MYPP, I saw an elation and a pride on her face that I had never seen before. When Madison heard her words spoken and shaped by Boston-area theater professionals, she realized something about herself and her art: she has something to say, and it’s important.”

Madison: My experience with MYPP made me feel like my voice had power. When A Bee Stings was a play about friendship and loyalty, and seeing it being done by these amazing people right before my eyes, I felt it in my heart. I had such a sense of accomplishment: I thought, ‘I made this.’”

Eliana Pipes’ play Hoops will be a veritable whirl of collaboration, with BPT and Company One Theatre partnering to workshop the play in May before a full production at the Strand Theatre this summer in collaboration with the City of Boston Office of Arts and Culture. Tonasia Jones will be at the helm for both the workshop and production.

Eliana: “I’m excited to return to Boston and reconnect with BPT and Company One with this production of Hoops! Attending BU’s MFA Playwriting program at BPT was a huge step forward in my career and a space that allowed me to really spread my wings as an artist. It feels so right to return to BPT to continue to dig into Hoops and it’s an absolute treat to be able to collaborate with so many artists that I admire like Tonasia and all the folks at BPT/C1. Hoops was written to be a theatrical celebration, and I can’t wait to bring the party to Boston!”

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