Plays and playwrights of BTM XXIV

Allie by Grant MacDermott

And Then There’s Aaron Burr by Ken Green

Ankita & Chandni by Fatima Maan

A Place For Us by Leila Teitelman

A Quantum Carol by Patrick Gabridge

Ars Moriendi by Jessica Durdock Moreno

A Song of Morning by Hortense Gerardo

Buffering by Scott Malia

Clean Brush Sweep Dust by Gary Garrison

Confessions by Christina R Chan

Drop the Mask by Bill Lattanzi

Escape From Faux Pas by Cynthia Faith Arsenault

Falling Through the Air by Monica Jimenez

From the Rooftops of Tunguska by Sophia Sloan

Ghosting by Joe Antoun

Golp by Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro

Graveyard Shift by Amy Bennett-Zendzian

Here She Comes Now by William Orem

Karen by Kirsten Greenidge

In Thunderbird Veritas by Cliff Odle

Ladies Night by Fabiola R. Decius

Leader of the Band by Dave McCaleb

Legacy by Daysha Veronica

Lemon Tart by Amy Adler

Leslie and Milton by Steven Bogart

Lois Returns by John Minigan

Man’s Best Friend by Tim Lehnert

North Star by Kyla Schultz

Not Exactly Dope by Terrence Kidd

Old Acquaintance by Alan Brody

Playing Chopsticks by Michael Lin

Poise by Andrea Aptecker

Precious Stuff by Maia Cataldo

Rewilding by Sam Noble

Satan at Walmart (A Love Story) by James McLindon

Small Steps by Jeanne Beckwith

Concede or Die by Jack Neary

Speechless by Cassie M. Seinuk

Stale Mate by Eric Henry Sanders

Text Me When You Get There by Abby Kaye

The Kids From the Lake by Deirdre Girard

The New Game by Ernest Lorentsov

The Next Thing I Know by Janet Kenney

The Pros and Cons of Implosion by R.D. Murphy

The Shave by Catherine M. O’Neill

Things You Should Know When Setting Up an Ofrenda by Andrew Siañez-De La O

To Find the Words by David Valdes

Two Sides of the Same Coin by Michelle M. Aguillon

Virginia Slim and Ten Minutes to Go by Kevin Cirone

Weathered by Andrea Fleck Clardy