Playwright alum Russell Lees has passed away

Friends, we at BPT are shocked and saddened at the death of one of our beloved playwrights Russell Lees, author of  Nixon’s Nixon and Monticel’, this week in Montreal.

He worked with Ubisoft Montreal for the last decade conjuring such video games as Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Watch Dogs, and The Dark Eye. Russ was a gifted storyteller, but he was most gifted when he was writing for the Theatre. His two-hander Nixon’s Nixon won rave reviews from The New York Times and played all over the U.S. (here in Boston at The Huntington Theatre Company and New Repertory Theatre), in Los Angeles, and in London, England, where it was reviewed as “witty…a psychological battle….(a) wonderfully irreverent comedy…(and) a delightful piece of writing.” Here in Boston, Monticel’, his historical take on the Thomas Jefferson/Sally and James Hemings’ relationships, was acknowledged as a “well-written, passionately performed, and provocatively involving drama” with “highly literate dialogue (that) stings, amuses and thought-provokes.”

Russ leaves behind his wife and two daughters and all of us lucky enough to have known his wry sense of humor, his generosity, and his ever-present kindness.