Plays and playwrights of BTM XXIII

John Oluwole ADEkoje’s Auditioning for Mary

Miranda Austen ADEkoje’s The Come Up

Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro’s A Nasty Piece of Work

Jeanne Beckwith’s The Grand Reality

Amy Bennett-Zendzian’s Mother Goose’s Grave

Alan Brody’s A Good Mother

Tofer Carlson’s Ariadne Unbound

Mark Evan Chimsky’s (libretto) and Zev Burrows’ (composer) Albert (A Musical)

Kevin Cirone’s For Time

Andrea Fleck Clardy’s The Ark is a Metaphor

Fabiola R. Decius’ When I Grow Up

Alexa Derman’s Something I Know…

Cayenne Douglass’ 178 Ludlow Street

Patrick Gabridge’s North Pole Noir

Hortense Gerardo’s Scentsation

Deirdre Girard’s Because You’re Julia

Ken Green’s Your Favorite

Sadie Green’s One Cream, One Sugar

Kirsten Greenidge’s More

Terrence Kidd’s The Conversation We Never Had

Bill Lattanzi’s 1 BDRM, Zen Escape

Laurie Lee’s Okay

Mark Linehan’s Backyard Duel

Melinda Lopez’s Swans

Nick Malakhow’s Thrasher

Nina Mansfield’s Out Damn Spot

K. Alexa Mavromatis’ Marty

Sophie McIntosh’s Ipswich

James McLindon’s War Dog

John Minigan’s Unpacking

Jessica Durdock Moreno’s Funeral

Alexis Krysten Morgan’s Following the Rules

Jack Neary’s Kick the Tires, Alma

Cliff Odle’s A Requiem for a Drink

William Orem’s Virgin

Michael Pisaturo’s Where the Fireworks Come From

Adriana RoCale’s My Mother’s American Dream

Thomas Sanders’ On Lock

Alexis Scheer’s Ritual

Kyla Schultz’s Tadpole to Toad

Cassie M. Seinuk’s Skin to Skin

Kelly Smith’s Reset

Marisa Smith’s Monster Mother-in-Law

Donna Sorbello’s First Date, QT Style

Karla M. Sorenson’s Home for the Holiday

Michael Towers’ Pole Position

Maryanne Truax’s Heart Broker

David Valdes’ This is Not America

Elijah Vazquez’s Teeter

Dillon Yruegas’ The Brunch Crowd