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Table Of Contents: Features

The Good Life

Six alums are making a world of difference

Trouble at Home

BU researchers track the path of a chemical threat from our living rooms to our hormones

Interpreter of Identity

Pulitzer winner Jhumpa Lahiri (GRS’93, UNI’95,’97) has a new collection of short stories — and a rock star’s allure

Up Next: Life

As these snapshots of the Class of 2008 show, BU grads are eclectic, energetic, and ready

Table Of Contents: Commonwealth

Getting Pomp-ed Up

Read full coverage of Commencement 2008 and watch a slide show of the day’s events

Trustee Chair Leaves His Mark

Alan Leventhal, stepping down, oversaw hiring of Brown, changes in BU governance

Unlocking a Secret to Business Efficiency

Computer scientist lands top honor for decoding a widely used algorithm

Student ID

Sitting down with Julia Delogu (ENG '09)

This New High Rise

This Old House’s Kevin O’Connor tours StuVi 2 for BU’s cameras

Contracts Rock

The smooth (or not) pop stylings of LAW Prof Mark Pettit

When a Team Sport Gets Personal

Two track and field athletes named All-Americans

Music Mogul in the Making

COM student launches indie record label and finds a new generation of Boston talent

Colleges Welcome New Leaders

Deans appointed at COM, SED, SSW

A Musicologist Smiles with Miles

CFA Prof traces evolution of a new jazz style

Open (Wide) for Business

Dental school launches two facilities in United Arab Emirates

Camp Gourmet

Sargent Center chef brings the foods of the world to the woods of New Hampshire

Big Donor Backing for a Breakthrough Scientist

Jim Collins becomes BU’s first Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator

Table Of Contents: Explorations

Marsh Madness

Finding clues to humanity’s past and future in a sea anemone

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Don't Panic

Intensive treatment for teens with panic disorders shows signs of success

Divine Intervention

Classicist Mark Alonge debunks a long-held belief about the father of the gods

Table Of Contents: Perspectives

A Terrible Beauty

James Winn looks at the poetry of war, from Homer to Springsteen

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The Sound and the Fury

BU professors say suing students won’t cure record industry’s blues

Table Of Contents: Alumni Books And Reviews

Three Books and a Baby

For these new parents, nap time is writing time

The Rise of Reggae

Peter Simon (COM’70) and Roger Steffens have produced a history of the musical phenomenon

Table Of Contents: Alumni Notes

Magic Carpet Ride

On a U.S. trade mission to Afghanistan, Halleh Hakimian finds signs of hope

A Short Stay, Long in Memory

When he needed it, civil rights leader James Lawson found a home at BU

3,700 Miles, 330 Days, 100 Pounds of Gear

David Nghiem biked a continent and lived to tell

Out Loud

Joe Solmonese is the public face for gay rights in America

Table Of Contents: Obituaries | First Person | Letters To The Editor

A “Servant of Music”

CFA professor emeritus of music Roger Voisin

Table Of Contents: First Person | Letters To The Editor

Pretty Beat

David Grimm (CFA’76) on how Cuban rhythm saved his soul