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Published since 1900, Bostonia is Boston University’s three-times-a-year flagship alumni magazine. Through intelligent, substantive, and expertly written and edited articles, vivid photography, and energetic design, we are committed to telling the endless stories that reflect the intellectual life and vibrancy of the BU community, in ways that often are relevant to current social, political, and scientific trends. We write about our diverse and distinguished alumni and their impact on their communities and the world; about student life and the changing campus; and about BU’s groundbreaking scholarship across all academic and professional disciplines and the many ways the University has become a global research powerhouse. In the end, Bostonia strives to foster and sustain an emotional connection between alumni and the University; demonstrate BU’s enduring value to our graduates; and engage alumni around the world with stories that inspire, inform, entertain, and spark pride.


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Class Notes

We welcome your news.

● All submissions are edited for length and style.

● Deadlines for submitting a note are October 31 (winter-spring issue), February 28 (summer issue), and June 30 (fall issue). The long lead time between your submission and the publication of your note allows us to fact-check, edit, design, and proofread the class notes section within our production cycle.

● We publish class notes in print and online (the digital Bostonia is searchable by Google and other search engines).

Please include the following information in class notes:

● Your full name

● BU school/college and year(s) of graduation

● Current city/state

● Permission to publish your email address, if you’d like it included in the note

Photo Guidelines: 

We will consider publishing photos submitted by alums.

● Please send original or largest available file. For images too large to send by email, WeTransfer.com and DropBox.com offer free file share services.

● Jpegs for consideration must be high-quality, clear, and high-resolution: 300 dpi (dots per inch) at a 4-inch-by-6-inch print size is ideal. (If it takes up more than 1 MB of memory, it is probably high enough resolution.)

● Image File Format: .tiff or .jpg/.jpeg (Avoid: .png, .pdf, .bmp)

● If you are emailing photos from a smartphone, please do so at the actual size.

● Be sure to include the names of everyone in the photo (with schools/class years), from left to right, the date it was taken, and the occasion. Due to space constraints, we are unable to list the names of everyone in large group photos.

● The photographer must be credited for each image. Photos should only be provided with permission from the copyright holder. If not the copyright holder, please provide contact information so proper licensing may be secured prior to use.

Submit class notes and photos to: 



Bostonia will correct errors of fact. Corrections are published in the “Feedback” section of the magazine.

Email the editor.

Or mail your correction to:

Cindy Buccini, Editor
Bostonia Magazine
985 Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, MA 02215

Editorial Style

Bostonia aims to communicate clearly and consistently, using inclusive language, about Boston University. Our standard references are Boston University’s Editorial Style Guide, the Chicago Manual of Style, and Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary.


We welcome feedback from our readers, and encourage diverse and conflicting viewpoints that either support or disagree with our content.

Our feedback guidelines:

● The editor will choose which letters to publish in the print magazine and on Bostonia’s website based on the diversity of opinions and topics, as well as interest to our readers.

Bostonia has limited space in print, so we ask that writers keep letters to 300 words or less.

● We edit letters for length, clarity, style, and grammatical and factual accuracy.

● If we receive several letters on a single topic, we print a representative sampling in the print magazine and may publish others online. When a topic inspires an exchange of opinions, the editor may conclude debate after a reasonable period, typically after three issues.

● We print only feedback that responds to content that Bostonia has published or that relates to an alum’s experience at BU.

● Do not submit feedback that harasses or threatens others, spreads false or misleading information, is confusing or unclear, discloses information that is confidential under law, incites imminent lawless action, violates intellectual property rights, or violates the University’s Equal Opportunity/ Affirmative Action Policy

Feedback to be printed in the magazine must include:

● The writer’s full name

● BU school/college and year(s) of graduation (if applicable)

● City/State

● Phone or email address

Email your feedback.

Or mail your note to:

Cindy Buccini, Editor
Bostonia Magazine
985 Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, MA 02215

In Memoriam

Due to space constraints in the magazine and on the “In Memoriam” page, Bostonia magazine is able to publish the names of a small number of BU alumni who have passed away.

If you would like to see the name of a deceased alum listed on our “In Memoriam” page—which we publish only in the print magazine—please send the following information to bostonia@bu.edu:

● Alum’s first and last name (plus the name at graduation, if different)

● BU school or college and year(s) of graduation

● The deceased’s city and state of residence

● A link to a published obituary or death notice (required)


Those who would like to reprint any portion of Bostonia’s content must request permission in advance in writing.

Send inquiries to:



Sophie Yarin, Managing Editor
Bostonia Magazine
985 Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, MA 02215

Send Us Your Story Idea and Review Copies of Your New Book 

Email us:


Or mail your book to:

Cindy Buccini, Editor
Bostonia Magazine
985 Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, MA 02215

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