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  • Alcohol and other drugs of abuse. Bernstein, E., Bernstein, J., Fernandez, W., & D’Onofrio, G. (2011). […] In J. E. Tintinalli, et al. (Eds.), Emergency medicine: A comprehensive study guide (7th ed., pp. 1967-1974). New York: McGraw Hill.

SBIRT Bibliography

Grants that supported the research, practice and dissemination efforts of the BNI-ART Institute:
– NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, 2005 and 2011.
– MASBIRT HPA training grant: MA DPH BSAS 1U79T1018311-01.
– MA ED-SBIRT grant: MA DPH BSAS (RFR703015), 2006-2012.
– BU Youth Alcohol Prevention Center and NIDA Marijuana Supplement for Project RAP study: 1P60 AA 013759-05.
– NIAAA ED Alcohol SBIRT R25 AA 014957, 2004-2007.
– RWJ JoinTogether, 1999-2005; and RWJ 024341 to Dr. Ralph Hingson, 2001.
– NIDA R01 DA 10792-05, 1998-2003.
-Project ASSERT grant: SAMHSA CSAT Critical Populations, 1993-1998.