The Brief Negotiated Interview (BNI)

Doctor talking with patient at hospital bedside.The BNI, a specialized “brief intervention” for the medical setting, has foundations in motivational interviewing (MI) techniques.  It was originally created for the emergency department in collaboration with Stephen Rollnick, PhD.

Since it’s development, the BNI has been demonstrated in multiple peer reviewed studies to be effective at facilitating a variety of positive health behavior changes.

The BNI helps health care providers explore health behavior change with patients in a respectful, non-judgmental way within a finite time period.  Instead of telling the patient what changes he/she should make, the BNI is intentionally designed to elicit reasons for change and action steps from the patient.  It gives the patient voice and choice, making any potential behavior changes all the more empowering to the patient.

The BNI is in the form of an algorithm, or “script”, that guides providers through the health intervention with carefully phrased key questions and responses, all at the providers’ fingertips.  See what the BNI looks like.