BNI in Health Promotion Research

The BNI-ART Institute is involved in expanding the application of motivational interviewing and the Brief Negotiated Interview (BNI) to a variety of health and prevention needs.  Please see the list of our collaborative research projects below.


Feasibility Trial of Enhanced, Comprehensive Patient Navigation in Primary Care Settings

PI: Tracy Battaglia MD, MPH

This pilot project aims to assess the feasibility of enhanced, comprehensive, culturally competent patient navigation system that is designed to bundle primary care prevention services.  Navigators will screen for adherence to mammography recommendations, depression, smoking, and weight, use motivational interviewing to encourage action on these issues, offer referrals, and assist patients to develop a list of concerns for their next primary visit.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Medical Home for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Primary Care: Comparing the effectiveness of two systems

PI: Michael Silverstein, MD, MPH; Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Maternal Child Health Bureau – R40

Through randomized controlled trial, the study seeks to compare the effectiveness of two medical home models for the care of urban children with ADHD.  Care managers in the intervention arm will have a number of enhanced skills, including motivational interviewing.

Depression Prevention

Preventing Maternal Depression in Head Start

PI: Michael Silverstein, MD, MPH; Associate Professor of Pediatrics

National Institute of Mental Health – R01

A randomized trial of problem solving education to prevent maternal depression in Head Start programs.

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination

A Randomized Clinical Trial to Improve HPV Immunization in Adolescent Girls

PI: Natalie Pierre Joseph, MD, MPH

The objective of the study is to increase HPV immunization rates in Haitian adolescent girls through delivering a motivational interviewing informed session to their mothers. The session will be given by a community health worker within the clinical setting.

Border Youth Alcohol Project – BYAP

Alcohol Screening, Assessment, and Referral in the Emergency Department for Mexican-origin Adults at Risk

PI’s:  Dr. Bert Woolard, Dr. Cheryl Cherpitel

The project seeks to determine the effectiveness of AEMC SBIRT protocols specific to the context of Mexican-origin young  adults  (ages 18-30) at the University Medical Center in El Paso, Texas.