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Universe Perverse (words & music by A. Marscher ©1998)

1. Is the universe merely God's wind-up toy?

Did he invent time just so he could play?

Could a pre-destined outcome bring him any joy?

Or does he just like watching night turn to day?

2. Or does God allow random things to happen

Like a gambler at a casino craps game

Never knowing if the next throw will be 12, 5, or 7

But all the time the rules remain the same?


I want to live in a world where I'm free

To choose what I think, do, and say!

If I ever find out that I'm just a machine

I'll start acting in a most disturbing way!

3. Maybe the universe is just the product

Not of God but some unthinking force field

I'm still a machine and the universe a wound-up clock

But it might as well not even be real!



If we find out that free will's just an illusion won't we become completely disillusioned

And engage in the most self-serving actions? Won't that be our natural reaction?

[End with chorus]


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