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TIMELESS (words & music by A. Marscher ©1997)

1. Classic rock and punk from the '80s, alternative - it's all really the same

Cool songs to play in each decade, I like rock 'n' roll by any name . . . for it is timeless

2. Hawking says that time was once more space-like . . . How then did the universe begin?

Expanding away for eternity, if there's no start then there can be no end . . . for it is timeless


My hair's going gray, old friends pass away, and I don't long for the future any longer

I see men in their prime grow old before their time, yet I see myself grow stronger

3. All the young have such uncertain futures; at my age most paths are fully worn

Time races on, so much to be done, and I can't recall the day I was born . . . for I am timeless

4. Every year the students look younger, yet in some ways they always seem the same

The candles on my cake just multiply, it won't be long till the end of the game. . . then I'll be timeless

. . . We all are timeless . . .


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