Superluminal Lover by Alan Marscher

Videos! Prof. Tom Balonek of Colgate University recorded segments of me singing Superluminal Lover at the banquet of the meeting "Variability of Blazars II: Entering the GLAST Era" in Miami, Florida, on April 11, 2005. You can view the video clips with Apple QuickTime. The lyrics are given below. I have recorded the song as well on a digital recording system. You can access the recording below.

Video clip 1 from the Miami Workshop, April 2005

Video clip 2 from the same meeting

Video clip 3 from the same meeting (the two females seen at the end of the clip are graduate students Suwicha Wannawichian and Frannie D'Arcangelo)

In an effort to blackmail Marscher with evidence of his insanity, participants at two scientific meetings goaded him into performing "Superluminal Lover" a capella, surreptitiously made recordings of his embarrassing gyrations, and demanded payments of large sums of co-authorships to remove them. Their schemes failed, however, since Marscher has no shame. In fact, here are the links to the corresonding web pages, although the web surfer should be warned that it ain't pretty:

"Superluminal Lover" at the 8th ENIGMA meeting, 8 September 2006, in Espoo, Finland

The video did not come out for the next attempt - serves the would-be blackmailer right!

"Superluminal Lover" (audio) at the VI Microquasars and Beyond workshop, 17 September 2006, in Como Italy

WARNING: The lyrics to the song Superluminal Lover are for extremely mature audiences only - they are beyond X-rated, they are GAMMA-rated!

Lyrics to Superluminal Lover (© 2005 by Alan Marscher)

MP3 audio recording of "Superluminal Lover" by Cosmos II  (September 2007 version; © 2007 by Alan Marscher)

1. Attracted by your gravity, your body's so compact
Pulling me inward, prepare for close contact
No strength to resist, spinning out of control
Falling toward the abyss, approaching the black hole

2. Full of twisting magnetism, feeling hot inside
Bursting forth with energy, ready for a high-speed ride
Acceleration growing, focusing my beam
The jet starts flowing, plasma shoots downstream

Drawing closer . . . faster . . . closer . . . faster . . . closer . . . faster . . .
Poloidal field! . . . Magnetic whip! . . . EJECTION!!!


I'm your superluminal lover, baby, emission beamed into the night
Check out my relativistic jet, my love's faster than the speed of light
I'm flashing as a blazar into your line of sight
Hop on my relativistic jet, let's go faster than the speed of light!

3. Don't mind the illusions, it's just relativity
Pardon the intrusions into your naked singularity
Enjoy the time dilation, relax and take it slow
Beam your radiation, make our central engines glow

4. I've got eyes like a quasar, with brilliant intensity
Detect my hot desire for you with your high sensitivity
I'll energize you with my shock wave, make you turbulent inside
The magnetic attraction just can't be denied

Drawing closer . . . faster . . . closer . . . faster . . .


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