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SAGE OF THE CORE (Words & Music by A. Marscher ©2001)

1. In the beginning we sailed on seas yet unknown, anxious to se the fruits of the seeds we had sown

You appeared from on high, turned chaos into light, and the word that they heard shone like stars in the night

Brian J, Brian J, Wherefore are you going?

Find the way to your cave where your thoughts will be flowing

The tree of knowledge you find will enlighten your mind

And with the wisdom you earn tell us all that you learn

2. As Arjuna learned from Krishna what it means to be brave, and Beatrice showed Dante how lost sould can be saved

You loosened the binds that had shackled their minds, they see possibilities to which they'd been blind


You're a classical man with a strong, gentle hand

With the books at your side you have served as our guide


Final chorus:
Hey, Brian J! Wherefore are you going? Have more looks at the books, your mind is still growing

You've still much to learn, fires of curiosity burn

You're a Renaissance man and still more: You're the Sage of the Core . . . you're the Sage of the Core!


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