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REALITY ABUSE (Words & Music by A. Marscher ©2003)

1. We search for a description of reality that fits our macroscopic mentality

Strip the world down to its finest scales, but that where normal logic fails

Electrons with no individuality, photons with wave-particle duality

Entangle in a logical fatality!

I'm so confused! Can't figure out what it means, my mind's abused, logic caught in between

Cause-and-effect has a deep defect, serendipity rules and we're big fools

To think it should make any sense from our side of the size-scale fence

2. The unobserved filled with uncertainty, don't know exact position and velocity

Outcome of measurement like throwing dice: repeat, yet you don't get the same result twice

Determinism yields to probability, can't imagine such unpredictability

Must be some mental inability . . .


It's no use . . . it's mind abuse . . . I'm so confused . . .

Universe, what are you doing to my mind?!?


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