MP3 recording (copyright 2007 A. Marscher)

ANOTHER PLANET (Words & Music by A. Marscher ©2006)

Your defiant attitude mystifies me, are you malicious or simply dense?
The world is heading for catastrophe while you ignore the evidence
You claim to be conservative but you only care about the bottom line
You ignore ecological imperative but where will we go when the Earth is dying?

1. On Mercury we'd roast all day & during the night we'd freeze
We'd gasp for air to no avail with no atmosphere to breathe
On Venus we would suffocate from CO2 gas so dense
The greenhouse effect would bake our hide, the heat would be so intense

2. On Mars we could walk on dust-swept plains & climb old volcanoes high
But the air's too thin so it's freezing cold, & soon we would collapse & die
Jupiter would crush us in it clouds highly pressurized
And its hydrogen molecules would give our lungs a nasty surprise

Chorus 1:
We can't just move to another planet if the Earth is no longer alive
Even if we could transport there, it would be impossible to survive

3. Saturn has such gorgeous rings, but poison gas it contains
Uranus & Neptune are bitter cold with deadly ammonia & methane
Pluto & Eris are icy worlds, very dark & lacking heat
Even if we could get that far, our destruction would be complete

[Chorus 1]

Chorus 2:
I'd like to send you to another planet, it would be my finest hour
'Cause it's dangerous here on Earth as long as you remain in power
end: Yes, it's dangerous here on Earth as long as you remain in power

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