MP3 recording (©2014 by Alan Marscher)

Retrograde (Music & lyrics by A. Marscher ©2014)

1. The early scientists in ancient Greece
Thought they knew why the stars all rise in the east
Rotation of the universe 'round the Earth worked best
But planets sometimes move through the stars to the west

They move retrograde when at sunset they rise
They move retrograde, it's apparent to one's eyes
Retrograde move they, loop-de-loops make they do?
Or must the Earth-centered model be replaced by something new?

2. The alternative is that the Earth moves 'round the sun
As do other planets, like a big wheel that is spun
But that predicts that stars should brighten and then fade
And shift in position, contradicting observations that they made

and [Chorus]


Can the universe be so complicated, or is a sun-centered model implicated?
Are the stars much farther than they thought, is that the secret to the truth that
they sought?

'Cause [Chorus]

Ending: Let's move the Earth!

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