All from Nothing? (words & music by A. Marscher copyright 2000)

mp3 recording of song

1. Finding ourselves in this complex world, we ponder over our existence
Strange ideas that float in our minds meet with logical resistance

2. Creation ex nihilo seems quite absurd, something must have existed before
But if we can't contemplate eternity, should we just think about it no more?


Everything made from nothing, everywhere came from nowhere
Positive balancing negative, self-aware started unaware
Can something really start as nothing? Is all that is just what now persists?
Some insist on being materialists, or did God do this? Does He even exist?

3. Perhaps it's beyond our ability to grasp the meaning of it all
Condemned to live and die in our ignorance, unable to see past some cosmic wall



We need super-cosmic perspective to see beyond the subjective
Contemplations far too reflective for conclusions to be objective
Give us more clues! We feel left behind! Tell us the truth . . . Broaden our minds . . .

[repeat verse 3]

End with chorus, then: . . . Do we even exist? . . . Does anything exist?