• Title M.S. student, Lobel Lab
  • Education BS, Environmental Sciences, Shandong University, China
  • Area of Study Ecology, Behavior & Evolution

Current Research:

  1. Otolith study on an endemic schooling wrasse (Labriformes: Labridae), Halichoeres socialis, from the Belize lagoonal area. The goal of my study is to tell the early life history of this kind of unique species by doing the otolith analysis, including the potential “pre-settlement” duration, estimated juvenile growth rates, size at settlement, etc.
  2. The taxonomy and zoogeography of Pseudogobionid fishes (Cypriniformes: Gobionidae) in East Asia. Among nine genera of the Pseudogobionid fishes, the genus Microphysogobio is the most complex genus group, and I have revised some taxonomic issues and described two new species.

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