• Area of Study Cell Biology, Molecular Biology & Genetics

What is your major and how did you choose it?

I am majoring in Biology with a Specialization in Cell Biology, Molecular Biology and Genetics (CMG). My interest in biology sparked when I first started learning about cells in high school. I have always found it fascinating how cells are the fundamental unit of life, yet they cannot be seen with the naked eye. I am particularly interested in exploring and better understanding the underlying causes of human diseases at the molecular and cellular level, and the CMG major is a perfect fit for me to fulfill my passion and help me prepare for my future career as a researcher.

What is your favorite Biology course?

My favorite Biology course was Immunology (BI 385) with Professor Siggers. Immunology is such a fascinating field, and Professor Siggers taught the class in a way that kept us always eager to learn more. Our immune system goes far and beyond to protect us at all costs from invading pathogens and other diseases and there is much more to the story than you would think!

What kind of research have you done?

My previous research experience involved exploring the effect of the tumor microenvironment on killer T-cells by means of evading the immune system. In my current research, we are exploring the effects of SARS-CoV-2 proteins on cells of different species. I have learned a variety of techniques and skills from both experiences including Western Blotting, Immunofluorescence, T-cells isolation from mice’s spleen, plasmid isolation from bacteria, and more!

How did you find your research position?

I looked through the UROP website and the biology faculty profiles and emailed the professors that I found their research area to be interesting.

How has your research tied into your classroom learning?

My research experiences were very tied to what I have learned in my courses, whether it is applying direct concepts into my research or learning how to think critically. Reading scientific papers through my courses has also taught me about the latest findings in the biology field and centered my attention around how such experimental methods are conducted and analyzed. I have also learned some skills in my lab courses such as pipetting and gel electrophoresis that I was able to utilize in my research.

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