• Title Associate Professor of Ophthalmology

I came to BU after two years at Rutgers University in Newark, NJ to continue the path towards a degree in biology and math. Soon after joining BU, I got interested in the work of Michael Baum and his behavioral neuroendocrinology lab. One thing led to another, and soon I spent my weekends at Dr Baum’s lab with the rats rather than in the bars and clubs the city has to offer. Dr Baum was very gracious and allowed me to do my senior thesis in his lab which led to my first publication. 25 years later, I still get the occasional question about that paper.
While it was an extremely busy time, I really enjoyed my time in Boston. I found the university and particularly the department to be very supportive of my pursuits. I have formed a number of lifelong friendships with other students and staff at BU.
With the ink on my bachelors in biology and math barely dry, I moved back to New Jersey to attend the Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson medical school in New Brunswick, NJ. Upon graduation, I was dead-set on becoming a neurosurgeon so I went back to add a year of spine trauma research in the lab of Wise Young, MD PhD at New York University. Realizing that a career in neurological surgery was not compatible with my plans to have a family, I changed my course toward ophthalmology. Residency at SUNY Downstate was followed by a fellowship in cornea, refractive surgery and external disease at the Johns Hopkins University Wilmer eye institute.
After some years in private practice, an opportunity presented itself to return to academic medicine with a faculty position at Georgetown University in Washington, where I am now an Associate Professor of Ophthalmology. In addition to my clinical practice, I am the clerkship director for the medical school and I train residents in the operating room and clinic. My research interests are the interactions of HIV with the eye as well as infectious diseases of the cornea. I am co-investigator on a multicenter study on herpes zoster of the cornea which is funded by the national eye institute. I split my clinical practice between my work at Georgetown as well as a private practice that I have built in southern Maryland. The focus of my surgical practice are corneal transplantation and cataract surgery. I reside in southern Maryland with my husband, two children and my mother. I am blessed with the opportunity of spending time with my extended family who have been very supportive of my life choices and are an integral part of my success.

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